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You would like to sell your Fireplace by ...? Or Maybe you are about to purchase an artwork by ... at auction or in an art gallery? Always keep in mind that 20th Century furniture and works of art are rarely signed and that attribution mistakes are often made by experts, specialists and auctioneers… even on Fireplace!

The identification, aka the proper attribution of an artwork to his legit maker (designer & editor) is the crucial step – and therefore the most delicate – in the expertise and appraisal process of 20th Century furniture and works of art. Documentation is the main resource used by the art deco and design expert to identify the designer and the editor of any piece. This documentation legitimates an expertise and adds significant value to the art.

The 20th Century counts thousands of decorators, editors, artists and designers such as .... Consequently, the identification and the proper attribution of a piece to his original maker have to be done meticulously. Thanks to Docantic, all you have to do is describe the piece of furniture or artwork, to compare the results with your own belonging, and finally get the right name and the vintage books, period magazines and/or old catalogs in which it was published.

Docantic is focused on period documentation, which was published during the designer’s life. A piece of furniture, a lamp, Fireplace, etc. published in an ad, or in an article dedicated to an event to which the artist attended, will be much more reliable than a book edited years after the artist’s death.

So, are you sure the artist is truly ...? Is it appraised at the right price? Our job at Docantic is to provide you with accurate and period documentation that will help you assign your Fireplace to the right artist or designer; and buy/sell your Fireplace at the proper price. Whether you run an art gallery or an auction house, rather you are a collector, or just passionate about industrial design and/or one-of-a-kind works, this documentation is highly needed for you to find out the designer’s identity

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