DOCANTIC is the online resource for art deco, design, modern and art nouveau furniture documentation. DOCANTIC’s mission is to honor the accurate attribution of 20th Century furniture and works of art. We support their legacy and fair monetary valuation, ascribed to their creators by historic record, and made public. The heart of our vocation is to Defend, Serve and Protect.


  • We Defend the reputation and works of the original artist as our social (and civic) responsibility to the art collection community.

  • We Serve the art market players through the supportive services of exhaustive search, research and tracking of items that cross the market place.

  • We Protect against misdated, misdocumented and misattributed pieces of art that flood the arena, by patrolling the art world for obvious, suspect and undisclosed breaches of integrity in documentation.





By the nature of our business and the personality of our team, when classifying artwork and furniture as 20th Century, we tend to be:


  • Nitpicky – We set the same demanding standards of irreproachability for the art community we patrol, as for ourselves to compile an impeccable database on works of art.

  • Passionate – Because we love what we do, we do it with meticulous precision, seasoned expertise, and an inviting smile (…plus, our devotees think we do it all quite well).

  • Casual – We take art seriously; but, not necessarily ourselves, just to remain approachable, personable and easy-going despite the rigors of painstaking work. (It is LA, after all!)




Based in Los Angeles, our coffee-crazed team at DOCANTIC provides leading-edge identification services for 20th Century furniture and works of art. We ensure that they receive precise attribution and accurate documentation, so that collectors may sell and/or purchase works at the fair market price. That’s our job! To Defend, Serve and Protect the art community.