DOCANTIC is the global leader in online identification of 20th-century furniture and art objects. Our mission at DOCANTIC is to ensure that 20th-century furniture and art objects are correctly identified. All our products and services are dedicated to Defending, Serving & Protecting the art market!


  • We Defend the rightful ownership of creations like César's, making sure that no one else profits from a legitimate designer's work.

  • We Serve the art market actors and help them correctly identify the artists behind each artwork.

  • We Protect the 20th-century furniture market from dating, documentation, and attribution errors that pollute it.





Through our activity and the personality of our team, each of our actions is characterized by:


  • ProfessionalismWe hold ourselves to the same high standards of integrity as the art market actors we monitor.

  • Passion – We love what we do, and we do it with meticulous precision and overflowing enthusiasm!

  • Relaxed approachWhile we take art seriously, we don't necessarily take ourselves too seriously! We are passionate and professional but remain approachable and available (after all, we're in LA!).




Based in Los Angeles, DOCANTIC and its team are revolutionizing the 20th-century furniture identification market by sharing information that was kept secret by a handful of experts for far too long! Our job is to Defend, Serve, and Protect the art community!