Errors in attribution, dating, and documentation are widespread in the 20th-century furniture art market. The mission of DOCANTIC PATROL is to investigate these cases, identify suspects, and set a precedent so that these errors no longer victimize others.


DOCANTIC PATROL is a whistleblower. It is impartial. Its mission is in no way intended to harm the reputation of galleries, experts, or auctioneers flagged in the reports. DOCANTIC PATROL alerts the artistic community to facts, past or future, that it deems detrimental to the integrity of the art market.


DOCANTIC PATROL is constantly seeking eyewitnesses for any errors in attribution, dating, and documentation in upcoming or past auctions. The art community relies on you! Share your tip anonymously. Our team of investigators will restore the truth using DOCANTIC's vast database of 20th-century furniture.


By joining forces with DOCANTIC PATROL, you too can clean up the art market from these errors once and for all, give credit where it's due, and prevent future buyers/sellers from being disadvantaged!




Frequent crimes and offenses committed:


- When DOCANTIC PATROL classifies an investigation under the label "Poor Literature," it criticizes the auctioneer for not conducting sufficient documentary research for the lot in question. As a result, they did not adequately defend the seller's interests! Artworks are like celebrities; the more popular they are, the higher their "value." Ignoring and/or not mentioning a bibliographic reference devalues the work. DOCANTIC PATROL fights against this practice.


- A plastic chair from 1750 or a drawing by Warhol from 2015 may seem like pure science fiction to you. Us too! That's why DOCANTIC PATROL systematically tasks Mulder & Scully to correct dating errors! Under the label "Wrong Date," we seek to rectify significant dating errors and thus limit future under or overestimations that would harm victims, auction buyers, or sellers in galleries.


- Giacometti's "The Walking Man" sold for $104 million would probably have fetched a different price if it were announced as "The Walking Man, Anonymous." The label "Lack Of Artist" ensures that furniture is sold at its real value. DOCANTIC PATROL and its team of bounty hunters are on a mission to find the missing persons and bring them back to their creations!


DOCANTIC PATROL has zero tolerance for identity theft. Cases classified under "Wrong Artist" concern all clear attribution errors. In this regard, DOCANTIC PATROL believes that phrases such as "in the style of," "in the manner of," "attributed to," etc., are merely dishonest rhetorical maneuvers. They allow the seller to legally protect themselves while dropping a famous artist's name to influence the final price, which, of course, drives it higher. DOCANTIC PATROL treats these works as if they were explicitly "by" the named artist.