Emile Lenoble was born in Paris on November 24th in 1875, he was educated at the Ecole Jean-Baptiste Say. At the age of 18 he joined the National School of Decorative Arts and worked in designer quality of industrial ceramics for Loebnitz. The family lived in Choisy-le-Roi where Ernest Chaplet had installed his workshops. He met Ernest Chaplet whilst fishing on the river banks of the Seine river. In 1900 Chaplet took in the young Lenoble and trained him the secrets of his trade: the vocation of Emile Lenoble was hence determined. In 1905 he married Chaplet’s daughter and form there on shared his workshop at the Galerie Georges Petit. In 1907 his father in law, Ernest Chaplet died. He then carried out his work in his own workshop. He died in Crozon on August 14th 1940 during the WWII.


Sources : Patrick Wilson Antiques