Multiple trips call Bjorn Wiinblad to Switzerland, Germany, France, and the United States.

Although his production is very significant, it is entirely created by himself. His main sources of inspiration come from Java and Persia, and each design he creates tells a story, hence the richness of the details that are impossible to copy. Large dishes and vases decorated with exotic birds or whimsical fairytale faces have made Bjorn Wiinblad famous.

Recently, he created a marvelous service on the theme of "The Magic Flute" for the porcelain manufacturer Rosenthal. With pure, straight or round lines, each piece of this service represents a scene from Mozart's opera with the corresponding text. It may be the best work the Danish artist has produced so far.

It took him three years for "The Magic Flute" to artistically and technically mature. Bjorn Wiinblad is a great lover of music - Mozart, Rossini, Monteverdi are his faithful and indispensable companions in his work. In fact, he seems to work day and night without sleeping. Bjorn Wiinblad recounts that when he was young, he worked so late that he was always afraid of not being able to wake up the next day.

At that time, he made a living as a typographer. He then placed his bed near the front door. Every morning, he would be woken up by the postman who never failed to deliver him a letter that he sent himself every day. The day would thus begin with these few words, "Good morning, Bjorn."

For numerous theatrical and choreographic productions, he designs sets and costumes in a fairy-tale style that is always very colorful. Bjorn Wiinblad is a man of great talent and a multifaceted artist.

"Cheerful, smiling, open," an expression that he conveys to his funny characters!

Simple yet rich in design, "The Magic Flute" service is an opera melody turned into porcelain.

Many of his works were for sale in Paris:

- chez Delvaux, 18, rue Royale.

- à la Boutique Danoise, 42, avenue de Friedland.


Sources : Mon Jardin et Ma Maison N°146 de 1970