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Q: What is Docantic?

A: Docantic is the world’s leading online database for 20th Century furniture documentation.  Wondering who created this Art Deco coffee table? Is this pair of armchairs really from Arne Jacobsen? You're in the right place.


Q: Why can’t I find a matching picture in the database?

A: First, keep in mind that we deal in 20th Century furniture, that’s our thing. So you won’t be able to find any matching photographs of your Han Dynasty vase or Picasso etching. Then, try several keyword combinations if the first comes up empty-handed. Also, you might not find a matching picture because – and especially for works of art prior to WWII – not all works of art have been photographed and/or published in a magazine. Finally, there is still a slight chance that our database is missing a reference; but don’t worry our coffee-crazed team is working on it at this exact moment!


Q: I have documentation, are you interested?

A: Docantic is always happy to upgrade your service and to provide the most exhaustive database to its clients. Do you have period documentation you want to sell, rent or even give away? Follow this link to find out how you can help the art community by improving Docantic’s database.


Q: Do you have a free version of this service?

A: We asked the same question to our landlord when we moved in! The answer we received is also the one we share: nope! But if you have a tight budget, we created the daily and monthly packs just for you.


Q: Some pictures are partially blurry and/or in poor resolution. Why is that?

A: For copyright issues we had to hide some parts of original pictures. Furthermore, some of the pictures we provide are from antique catalogs dating as far back as 1897... iPhone 6’s 8 megapixels camera was born a century later, so while we are editing pictures to make them look great, we are still limited to their original quality.


Q: Can I have access to the exhaustive list of digitalized books and magazines of the database?

A: Coca Cola keeps secret its recipe, Google doesn’t share the details of its algorithm and we are pretty sure you keep your clients’ list for yourself. Why is that? Because these businesses rely on it. Well our business relies on our database. But, if we don’t communicate the list of our digitalized books and magazines, still, their content is totally at your disposal on Docantic!


Q: I already own an important collection of period magazines. If most of the magazines I possess are on your website, how does it benefit me?

A: We are happy to see that we aren’t the only ones to collect old papers! If you own nearly as much documentation as we do, we assume that you haven’t arranged it in such way that you are able to find   a specific artist, picture, or even keyword in a heartbeat? So even though we might have a great amount of documentation in common, our service helps you save precious time by indicating where to look precisely. For all the other documentation you are missing that we do have, it is at your advantage to take a look in our achieves!


Q: How can I get in contact with your team?

A: Email is the best and most efficient way to contact our team. Please note that Docantic’s team never sleeps so expect to get an answer shortly! Customer service: / Technical enquiries: / Documentation enquiries: / The Patrol: / Press relations:


Q: Father’s day is on a Sunday, right?

A: Yep!