Attribution error at Piasa in upcoming 12/15/2016 auction sale

There is an attribution mistake in PIASA's upcoming 12/15/2016 auction sale. Despite our warnings, the auction house would rather carry on with the sale, in ignorance. Maybe PIASA should have thought twice before picking their so-called expert who specializes in design. The information is available online, and has been revealed by many reliable auction houses for years; it will therefore be disclosed by DOCANTIC to its clientele, in order to avoid a predicament.  



Update 12/15/2016


Following to the PATROL’s intervention, the lot was (finally) assigned to the legit designer during the auction sale. FYI, the same table by Dominique – properly attributed and documented – was sold by SOTHEBY’S for $22,800 (Exhibit #1). No doubt that undocumented and renamed on the spot, PIASA’s one had little chances to be sold… Case closed.


Exhibit #1